The Perils of Being a Millennial

Let me preface this by I am not a single female and that I try really hard not to read those corny Facebook posts about why being a single mom is so hard or how the nanny killed a newborn by not paying attention to it (please do not waste your time reading those articles because you will wish you had lit you eyeballs on fire after).

Yet of course today I clicked on one that was about how being married is so incredibly difficult. There’s projects on the house to work on, there are disagreements, there are days of hatred between significant others.  It IS hard.

My problem with the post was it shamed women that wanted to be married and have children because they are looking for it for the wrong reasons, the dress, the adorable baby, etc.


“Then stop reading”.  But I can’t.  It’s like a Kate Spade surprise sale sending you emails every six hours reminding you that everything is 75% off.

We shame people.  We analyze everything thing we do and decide to write posts about.

Yes you should be married, no you should be single, you should be a stay at home mom, working mothers give their kids more value, these people are liberal snowflakes, these people are white supremacists.

We can’t take it anymore!  Someone make it stop!  We’re overloaded with opinions every single day, day in and day out and we cannot possible care anymore.  But we’re taught that technology=power, and so we keep getting sucked in, reading bigoted comment after bigoted comment.

I am sad.  Truly sad that we feed into this non stop, judgmental cluster fuck every day.  And that I continue to read them.


Vodka soda please

I do not want a “Valentine”. 

I do not want dinner. I do not want presents.  I do not want a boyfriend. Why is that so hard for people to comprehend?

I am not alone and I certainly do not need pity. 

Why is it that everyone woman alone on Valentine’s Day is expected to be sad and drinking a bottle of wine by herself?  I have no one worrying about where I am and no one to answer to, so I’ll take a vodka soda please.

Every day this week I’ve had a male either try to ask me out or ask why I’m alone.  And don’t give me the “oh shut up you’re a pretty girl complaining about attention”.  That doesn’t make a subordinate at working trying to give you gifts an okay thing (much less appropriate). 

When was the last time you asked a male if he was sad about Valentine’s Day.  Bet your answer is never.

I am fine, so please leave me alone