I don’t consider myself a trendy person, I have a FitBit and some wonderful ankle boots, but that’s about as trendy as I get.  I’ve taken one yoga class and painted my nails black exactly once.

So where do I fall on the whole “experience” trend?  Somewhere between jealousy of the amazing trips  I cannot afford and annoyed by busy-ness of it all.

Clarify.  I love traveling.  I spend my life trying to make people’s travel experience’s better.  That’s dedication.  I want to go everywhere I possibly can without repeating anytime soon.  I don’t believe in the notion of spending your entire life working so you can have a lovely retirement, and then what happens if you or your significant other aren’t around to see that?  It’s morbid, but now that I’ve seen it, my decision is even more validated.

We become more interesting as people with new experiences.  Our conversations are more full of life instead of things.  Every day becomes a new learning experience of a place to go or something to do.

A downside does exist though.  I just waited an hour for some good Filipino food at Bad Saint.  Yes, it was wonderful, and flavorful, but just good (try the clams).  It’s not like I felt the first time I had the s’mores ice cream at All Purpose.  That, I would wait an hour for.

Where do we draw the line at experiences?  When do we stop overhyping them?  Do we someday switch back to just caring about things?  Do we even want that so us “experiencers” can go back to experiences?

Just some questions.


Best Thing I Ate This Weekend

…Everything.  But I guess there are a few drinks I could include in that list as well.

I’ve been meaning to make a post about my new goals for February but I just enjoyed this weekend too much to not post about it.

Seeing as how my boyfriend rarely has a weekend off, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a week early.  We started at Rye Bar in the Hotel Capella.  I never even realized that hotel was there to begin with, let alone know anything about it’s restaurants (I guess we can say Marriott and Kimpton are typically my forte).  Their basil martini (which had some catchy name I can’t remember) was fantastic.  We walked over to our reservations at Fiola Mare after, and after walking in I can probably guarantee I was the poorest person there.  It’s hard enough to find good Italian restaurants with gluten free pasta, let alone one that has good fish too.  I had the Buccatini, and it probably only comes second in favorite pasta dish of all time to the Braised RIb at Cenacola in Greensburg.  We spent far too much money on drinks and dessert and everything else on the menu, but went home fat, happy, and drunk.

For some reason the boyfriend and I thought it was a good idea to do brunch on Saturday morning as well and walked over to City Tap House.  I will say this time I did not get the fried pickles (BUT IF YOU EVER GO YOU HAVE TO GET THEM).  My bunless burger was a little charred, but luckily their duck fat truffle fries made up for it.  Whatever sauce they put on the side I typically just want to drink, but actually saved it for the fries this time.

I had to take a long nap to recover before heading out with the girl that night, but once I finally was alive again and had a half a bottle of wine in me, we headed to Jack Rose to start off the evening.  I’m not the biggest whiskey/bourbon/scotch drinker so I opted for their seasonal punch in hopes of trying something new instead of ordering by typical vodka soda at a bar known for having better drinks.  And I have to say, GINGER BEER AND PEACH VODKA.  I hate peach and I hate ginger.  Somehow though, together, it was like heaven in my mouth.  Again, went home drunk and happy.

Which brings me to today…aka the best of all three.  We made reservations a while ago to go to Central Michel Richard because they had a decent deal for brunch and I had their filet tartar once and still rave about it so their brunch had to be good as well.  And it was…but their consistently spotty service put a little bit of a damper on the morning.  I’ll be completely honest (and yes I realize this makes me sound like a PSYCHOPATH) the chopped salad was the best part of the brunch.  A friend got the Caesar salad, and that was pretty amazing as well.  It kind of went downhill from there, or by my sixth bellini I stopped paying attention to the food.  There wasn’t a ton I could get on the menu so I wasn’t overly happy I guess, but I did try a friend’s chicken and wafffles, and if I could eat bread I think I would be telling a completely different story right now.

We stopped by POV after lunch since we couldn’t go home on such a beautiful day.  I ordered their Honeycrisp drink and it was pretty amazing.  Unfortunately I drink way too fast and it was gone way too soon.

So overall, completely amazing food weekend and I highly suggest every place I ended up at.  Oh yeah, and I’m completely broke after it.