I don’t consider myself a trendy person, I have a FitBit and some wonderful ankle boots, but that’s about as trendy as I get.  I’ve taken one yoga class and painted my nails black exactly once.

So where do I fall on the whole “experience” trend?  Somewhere between jealousy of the amazing trips  I cannot afford and annoyed by busy-ness of it all.

Clarify.  I love traveling.  I spend my life trying to make people’s travel experience’s better.  That’s dedication.  I want to go everywhere I possibly can without repeating anytime soon.  I don’t believe in the notion of spending your entire life working so you can have a lovely retirement, and then what happens if you or your significant other aren’t around to see that?  It’s morbid, but now that I’ve seen it, my decision is even more validated.

We become more interesting as people with new experiences.  Our conversations are more full of life instead of things.  Every day becomes a new learning experience of a place to go or something to do.

A downside does exist though.  I just waited an hour for some good Filipino food at Bad Saint.  Yes, it was wonderful, and flavorful, but just good (try the clams).  It’s not like I felt the first time I had the s’mores ice cream at All Purpose.  That, I would wait an hour for.

Where do we draw the line at experiences?  When do we stop overhyping them?  Do we someday switch back to just caring about things?  Do we even want that so us “experiencers” can go back to experiences?

Just some questions.


Here I go again…

Another try!  And some Whitesnake to end your day with.

When I was younger I used to love writing, I still have a notebook that I kept from middle school on full of everything I used to write. But the 10-12 hour workdays have gotten in the way of that.  At the start of every year I try to go back and focus on the things that I actually enjoy, so I’m giving this blog another shot.

So what’s new?  Absolutely nothing.  I’m fairly certain at the last time I was on here was right after my last relationship ended, and that was pretty much the remainder of my year.  Awful dating experiences, work, and a lot of food and wine (I’m actually not complaining, it was a great year in terms of fun).  I got to travel a lot, filled my life with great people, and had a lot of great experiences that really made me think.

For the past two years, I’ve had this name that I’ve used, TheDCBrunette.  It’s not popular, but I don’t care and I enjoy it.  I can say things I want to and while people know it’s me, to the innocent bystander I’m just another anonymous person on Twitter.  But last year, I spent some time in California, and yet again fell in love with it.  I’ve spent so much time committing to this area, but it’s not like this area has committed anything to me.  Half of my friends move away within a year, my job has a tendency to suck my soul away, and it’s cold.  Oh, and I certainly don’t have family or a significant other here.  I feel like it’s finally time to venture outside my comfort zone, but it’s absolutely frightening to think about.

So that’s where I am.  But until then back to my adventures in the district….

Vegas and Spaghetti Squash

Two out of the four items for January completed!

Vegas was an extreme success (as I expected).  I don’t think we could have done it any better.  Sure, everyone enjoys the lights and the parties there, but I felt like it was the perfect place to knock off my “travel someplace new”.  When I was younger and decided that I wanted to go into hospitality, my dream was always to go to Vegas and work in one of their hotels.  I imagined that it would be like Disney World to me.  Well I was right.  Unfortunately my love for working in hotels is slowly fading but I can still appreciate the amazing effort that goes into those places.

We also may have had a private performance from a certain performing group that has their own Vegas show, so I guess that helped a bit too.  Oh and Zedd too.

And what better place to try a new food than at a hungover Bellagio brunch buffet?  I spent some time wandering around the different buffet tables and loaded up on my normal items, sushi, sauteed mushrooms, watermelon, and shrimp.  Then I saw it.  Spaghetti squash.  As a gluten free individual, you may wonder how I have never tried spaghetti squash before.  Well.  I’ve heard it’s nasty and truly believe that no vegetable should look like that naturally.  It wasn’t as adventurous as I wanted my “new food” to be, but it felt right because I felt, “THIS COULD BE THE BEST SUBSTITUTE FOR REGULAR PASTA EVER”.  Nope, I thought it was gross and quickly filled up with tuna tartar after trying it.  I tried it though!

On to my failures….

My goal for doing something nice for someone was always in the back of my mind to get my coworker a birthday present.  In my Vegas hangover stupor Wednesday morning back at work, I realized that it was actually his birthday that day!  So no present for him.  Maybe it would have been weird anyway.  So I’ve now moved on to trying to figure out something I can do for my roommate since he spent four days watching my terror of a kitten.

I’m still working on the listening one though.  I know it’s one of my biggest weaknesses, so it will be my ultimate project for the few days that are left in January.