Welcome to Tru…..

Sometimes I think I’ve been away from my hometown for too long.  Until I come back.

My grandmother asked me my boyfriend’s name today, to which I for some reason responded with his name given to him at birth.  He’s Egyptian, so you can see where I’m going with this.

Her eyes bugged out of her head and lips pursed. Like I just punched her in the stomach.  I then provided the name he goes by, a simple three letter “American” name.  She spoke up this time…”Well that’s a nice name, he sounds like a nice boy”.

This interaction, ladies and gentlemen, is why Donald Trump is president.  Disagree if you’d like but don’t bother arguing because I will never acknowledge it.

This was also the only real interaction I had with my family today. About me dating. No “how’s your job”, “how is the move going”, “how is life in general”.  Anything would have been acceptable, but nope.  Because all I amount to in their eyes is that I am the only grandchild that has any chance of giving them a wedding or a child in the reasonable future.

I oversee a multi-million dollar business, and all I am known for is the one that could give them babies.

My fellow DCers – welcome to the “real” America.


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