Am I a Marnie?

One day ago, I was a completely different person.

If you have never felt like that, I applaud you and your mental health.

The world just crashes down around you, and the weight of it all holds you in bed watching Girls non stop with your cat, and hoping that one day someone as attractive as Adam Driver will care about you because no one else in the world does.

That was my Friday and Saturday.

Am I depressed or just self-involved is really the question?  I thought I was on medicine to help with the first.

After a nap (that shortly followed 9 hours of sleep) I got out of bed, went to brunch, and like a slap in the face I realized that the ridiculous, crazy, beautiful people I surround myself with are my life.  No, I have 0 intimacy with anyone and my family is MIA half of the time, but I have wonderful people in my life that will go out of their way to make me happy.  And that makes me happy.

Guess not everyone’s happiness looks the same and I can’t compare what mine looks like.


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