Vodka soda please

I do not want a “Valentine”. 

I do not want dinner. I do not want presents.  I do not want a boyfriend. Why is that so hard for people to comprehend?

I am not alone and I certainly do not need pity. 

Why is it that everyone woman alone on Valentine’s Day is expected to be sad and drinking a bottle of wine by herself?  I have no one worrying about where I am and no one to answer to, so I’ll take a vodka soda please.

Every day this week I’ve had a male either try to ask me out or ask why I’m alone.  And don’t give me the “oh shut up you’re a pretty girl complaining about attention”.  That doesn’t make a subordinate at working trying to give you gifts an okay thing (much less appropriate). 

When was the last time you asked a male if he was sad about Valentine’s Day.  Bet your answer is never.

I am fine, so please leave me alone


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