DC Restaurant Week

Well since my name is the same as my Twitter…here’s a short rant about our favorite district (and it’s not about douchey men surprisingly).

Over the past few years, some really great restaurants have sprung up here.  And we do this little thing here (and everywhere else in the country) called Restaurant Week.  Several of these restaurants don’t participate.  Fine, I’m in finance and cover several restaurants, I fully comprehend why.

So on to those that do participate.  You only want to serve lunch? Great, smaller portions, I work in the city within walking distance.  

But if you choose to serve dinner, why are you half-assing your menu AND cooking?  People look forward to getting to try some place new that maybe they couldn’t normally afford.  Oh, they’ll never come back? What about those of us that will?  We turned our broke-just-out-of-college meal out into a yearly tradition.  It’s fun.  I will return to those places later on.  Brasserie Beck? Always a favorite.  Why waste your time disappointing your patrons and packing your restaurant full? 

Just don’t participate.  I don’t want your cold steak and poorly thought out presentation.  

Looking at you Casa Luca.

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