Here I go again…

Another try!  And some Whitesnake to end your day with.

When I was younger I used to love writing, I still have a notebook that I kept from middle school on full of everything I used to write. But the 10-12 hour workdays have gotten in the way of that.  At the start of every year I try to go back and focus on the things that I actually enjoy, so I’m giving this blog another shot.

So what’s new?  Absolutely nothing.  I’m fairly certain at the last time I was on here was right after my last relationship ended, and that was pretty much the remainder of my year.  Awful dating experiences, work, and a lot of food and wine (I’m actually not complaining, it was a great year in terms of fun).  I got to travel a lot, filled my life with great people, and had a lot of great experiences that really made me think.

For the past two years, I’ve had this name that I’ve used, TheDCBrunette.  It’s not popular, but I don’t care and I enjoy it.  I can say things I want to and while people know it’s me, to the innocent bystander I’m just another anonymous person on Twitter.  But last year, I spent some time in California, and yet again fell in love with it.  I’ve spent so much time committing to this area, but it’s not like this area has committed anything to me.  Half of my friends move away within a year, my job has a tendency to suck my soul away, and it’s cold.  Oh, and I certainly don’t have family or a significant other here.  I feel like it’s finally time to venture outside my comfort zone, but it’s absolutely frightening to think about.

So that’s where I am.  But until then back to my adventures in the district….

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