Don’t Eff With My Jenga

It seems as if I’m constantly building myself up and then falling apart all over again.  Just a giant Jenga game that I purposely remove the “tricky” piece from once every few months just to see it crumble.  And then I’m broken.  I take my medicine and pray every day, hoping that somehow I get the strength to pick up the piece again.  For a while I started to think it was just me.

Truth is though, that’s life.  Life crumbles a lot.  We feel broken, we feel lost, and we feel confused.  We feel like it’s just such a hassle to rebuild the Jenga tower and we just want to quit.  But then you remember the fun.  The fun of pulling out those pieces, in hopes that it’s not followed by a crash.  And then that moment when it doesn’t, you feel like the world is yours.

Guess it’s time to start rebuilding my tower.


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