We are never alone

We all end up broken at some point in our lives. We rush around focusing on tasks and who we’re pleasing and not pleasing, and we forget how fragile we are as people. We forget that when we inevitably shatter , we can’t always pick up the pieces as easily as we thought.

We become so consumed by our thoughts and forget to realize there is another way. We forget that those trying to help aren’t belittling us. We lose sight of passion, love, happiness, and dwell on the things we want to fix. We forget that we have the power to be who we want to be, and that sometimes, yes, we have to fight our conditions and genetics in order to be that person.

We are not alone, we all have each other. We have seen the darkness and we have survived. There is another side and the darkness will go away and the sun will finally rise again. Some of us can make the journey into the sun alone, some of us have to put our trust and faith in others to help us heal.

We are never alone, and we should never be ashamed to ask for help.

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