Back to Basics

The title used to be my twitter tagline, but then I thought it was weird and got rid of it.  Clearly it has come up again in my February goals.

I know it’s a little late seeing as how the month is half over, but I did set goals at the beginning. The two big themes of February have been to make the effort and focus on things that I actually enjoy and stop trying to find things I’m interested in.

The first goal.  I have found that sometimes I find it a hassle to “make the effort” with friends and coworkers.  We often make plans and cancel them because our lives get too busy or something else just comes up.  Case in point: last night.  My boyfriend and I enjoyed a lovely Thai dinner for Valentines Day with martinis and scotch, and all around it was just wonderful.  Afterwards, I may have mentioned to a friend that we would stop by another bar and meet her and her friends for drinks. I will not lie, I wanted to go home.  Yet, I decided to suck it up and go.  The biggest cause for unhappiness in my life is loneliness (my perceived loneliness).  My thought process is that if I just put in a little more extra effort, I would just be happier.  We did make it to the bar that night, and to be honest we didn’t stay long.  We were there for about an hour and had the best dance party to 90s rap songs.  In the end I was happy I went, and I need to continue doing that.

Next is to stop trying to find things that interest me, and just do the things that interest me.  I spend so much time trying to find new makeup tricks, try new workouts, and look at classes I can take. To be honest, I just like writing crappy blog posts about my life that no one cares about and I like running and yoga.  So why not stick with those things?  I haven’t done a single body weight circuit workout all month, and I love it.  I’m working out more and feeling better, which is the entire goal of exercising in the first place.  I truly enjoy dancing like an idiot, and I did and I’m happy!  I didn’t spend last night pretentiously standing around drinking a drink while I listened to other people talk about their lives.  Call me selfish but it worked!   I literally felt happier.  I spend so much time trying to do the “right things” when I should just be doing my own things.

This is not saying though, that trying new things can’t lead to happiness as well.  Just yesterday I decide to make homemade chocolates for my boyfriend for Valentines Day, and I found myself laughing alone in my kitchen because I actually found it enjoyable.

Oh an online shopping, I expect to be doing a lot of that today and tomorrow and that makes me REALLY happy.


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