The DC Happiness Project

It was no secret that two years ago, when I first moved to DC, I hated it. I thought I was a tough around the edges person that could never adapt to the polished, young professional lifestyle that was in the city.

Clearly that thinking didn’t win me a lot of friends.

Many events caused me to grow and fall in love with the city as time went by, and when I finally learned to love the city I learned that my inner hatred of exciting successful people was what made me hate the city. Those people and the city never did anything to me. When I let go of those ideologies of who and what people were, I was happier. Just dance more, smile more, wear whatever I want more happier.

That’s where I am today.

I knew at the start of 2015 I really wanted to focus on my career and find what I truly wanted to do with my life. But that seems like a very long and intensive project that could take even more than a year. That’s when Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project seemed to fall into my lap. I didn’t even start the book when I decided that I’d have a happiness project too for this year and I would set goals each month to help me attain a higher level of happiness and clarity in my life.

So here we are in January!

I’m a little late to the party this month seeing as how January is halfway over, but here we go! The goals for January are:

– Travel someplace new (I’m on a plane to Vegas as I’m writing this so almost have one down!)
– Try a new food. In the Happiness Project, one item Gretchen mentions that attributes to happiness is growth. Trying new things makes me feel like I’m growing as a person. And maybe I need to stop ordering salmon at every restaurant I go to.
– Come up with a nice gesture and actually follow it through. I come up with great ideas for gifts and fun events, but I have the worst follow through. I’m a self proclaimed giver upper. This one I’m still working on.
– Be a more active and intent listener. I love to talk. But I am shy, therefore I never get to talk as much as I want, so when I’m around people I’m familiar with I can be a bit overbearing. Just last night my friend (who I’m shielding from my phone on the plane as we speak) told me about a guy she had been talking to. This morning when she brought him up again I was clueless. I not only made myself look like a jerk, I also made her feel bad. This is probably the biggest stretch for me this month.

My hope is blogging will hold me accountable for my actions, so hopefully there will be some Vegas pictures soon!


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